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Protection and Resiliency for Business Continuity with Fixed Wireless Internet Access

A modern approach to ensuring mission-critical internet connectivity for business operations with fixed wireless internet access.

A reliable business internet connection is essential for maximizing productivity, communicating with customers, and staying ahead of the competition. Businesses simply can’t afford to go dark and risk losing trade, reputation, and revenue. Ensuring your business is always on and available to customers, staff, and business partners is key to survival.

In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, however, internet can easily get cut off. In areas of intense construction, an accidental line cut can paralyze businesses all around. In fire or flood-prone areas, lines and other infrastructure are often vulnerable to damage. Malicious hackers have created huge internet outages and caused much disruption.

WiLine offers backup internet solutions using fixed wireless access to help you avoid a damaging internet outage. Most buildings bring service into the basement of the building, which means when the line is accidentally cut, for example during construction work, all internet circuits go down together. However, a WiLine fixed wireless link comes into a building at the rooftop providing true route diversity and either a backup or primary internet connection to support business continuity.

Redundancy Without Missing a Beat

Route diversity—internet access achieved through two or more different types of connections – one a wired connection entering in the ground and the other a wireless connection at the roof—is the only way to create a backup internet solution that delivers effective network redundancy and ensure 100% business continuity so users are not even aware of a service interruption to either link.

Route Diversity Provides True Redundancy

A True Alternative for Business Continuity

Dedicated Internet Access for Business (DIA) Delivered Over Fixed Wireless

With speeds up to 10 Gbps, DIA from WilLine ensures that your business consistently enjoys a minimum amount of bandwidth and offers an affordable route diversity solution. Since WiLine comes into the building from the roof, it can be combined with access technologies that come in from the basement or street level and failover seamlessly as needed in the event of an outage. WiLine enterprise-grade DIA is easy to scale and quick to install, with high-speed, dedicated, symmetrical, internet service, SLA guarantees, 24/7 support, and optional services to support your changing needs.

WiLine SD-Wan

SD-WAN has become central to the strategy of most IT teams to manage their networks performance. An SD-WAN improves application performance and reliability, while improving cost efficiency. Simple to deploy and manage, WiLine SD-WAN actively monitors and measures the quality of each link including packet loss, latency and jitter, and routes network traffic according to policies that optimize business performance and business continuity.


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