Temporary Internet Connections

Short term internet for events, construction sites, pop-up stores and much more.

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Short term internet for events, construction sites, pop-up stores and much more.

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High-Speed Connectivity Where You Need It

Quality internet for short-term sites and field project needs where wired access isn’t available or economically feasible.

When planning internet connectivity for an event, short-term business need, or field project, such as a pop-up retail site, medical field program, or construction site, ensuring reliable, affordable high-speed connectivity can be challenging. Often, there may not be an existing reliable network in the area, or the venue doesn’t offer the speed or dedicated connection you need at the price point you can tolerate.

Temporary internet needs can be unpredictable, which is why it’s important to choose a provider who offers flexible terms with a quick install, easy-to-scale bandwidth options, and reliable performance. WiLine has the connectivity you need for as long or as short as you need, and with the right package of performance, timeline, and budget.

Premium Service for Short-Term Situation

WiLine staff works with you to assess your temporary internet needs and design a solution that meets your project needs and business goals under the right terms.

Temporary Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

WiLine understands that the only difference in requirements between temporary and permanent internet access is the timeframe. Quality, performance, reliability, and affordability are fundamental to all business goals, but businesses seeking temporary connectivity typically need it quicker and for a short-term period. That’s why we offer premium DIA and optional Wi-Fi for short-term spaces, regardless of existing IT infrastructure. The WiLine temporary DIA solution can be deployed quickly and provides an enterprise-grade network with security, redundancy, onsite support, Wi-Fi management, and the other services you expect from long-term providers.


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