Internet for Artificial Intelligence

10G Fixed Wireless Internet (FWA) for Large Language Models and other High-Bandwidth Needs.

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10G Fixed Wireless Internet (FWA) for Large Language Models and other High-Bandwidth Needs.

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WiLine: Pioneering High-Speed Internet Solutions for AI and Data-Intensive Enterprises

Empowering Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence Innovation with Up to 10Gbps Dedicated, Symmetric Internet Service.

At WiLine, we understand the critical nature of internet speed and reliability for businesses operating in the AI and data-intensive sectors. Our dedicated internet service delivers up to 10Gbps symmetric bandwidth, ensuring your large language models and AI image generation projects run seamlessly.

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Ultra-Fast, Reliable Internet for AI & Large Language Models
Ultra-Fast Internet for AI & LLMs

WiLine’s symmetrical, dedicated internet service, backed by a leading Service Level Agreement (SLA), offers up to 10Gbps bandwidth, crucial for AI and large language model operations. Unlike competitors like Comcast Business and AT&T Business, which provide high-speed plans but with potential limitations in availability and higher costs, WiLine ensures quick installation, easy scalability, and reliability at competitive pricing.

Advanced Network Services for Enhanced Performance
Enhanced Network Performance

Our SD-WAN service provides software-defined control, automation, and visibility, essential for managing complex AI-driven networks. This offering from WiLine stands out with its unique focus on tailored solutions for high-bandwidth needs.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Data Integrity
Comprehensive Cybersecurity

WiLine combines best-in-class security solutions in an affordable, managed package. This layered approach with AI-enabled detection and remediation offers a differentiated service to savvy business customers.

Unified Communications & Cloud Voice Solutions
UCaaS & Cloud Voice Solutions

Our UCaaS and cloud voice solutions are designed for modern communication needs, supporting iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS applications. This is especially beneficial for businesses requiring featureful video conferencing software.

Customizable Service Bundles for Every Business Need
Customizable High Bandwidth

WiLine understands the diversity in bandwidth needs and crafts packages that meet specific business requirements and budgets, setting us apart from one-size-fits-all solutions often seen in the industry.

Cutting-edge technology for Robust Connectivity
Cutting-edge technology

WiLine’s unique combination of a private software-defined mesh network (SDN) with advanced fixed wireless access (FWA) technology provides a robust, dedicated, 10 Gbps service. This technology surpasses traditional wired services offered by competitors in flexibility and scalability and offers unmatched redundancy.

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