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  • General Questions

  • How can I order WiLine's Business Internet.

    Ordering is Easy, and you could have our service in a matter of days. You can call us at 1-888-494-5463 or you can complete this form.
    If your property is On-Net, we usually can install our service within 3 to 5 business days. For Off-Net properties a building survey may be required.
    This is a free service and requires no obligation to contract WiLine Services. Normally, even for Off-Net buildings WiLine can deliver service within 30 days from contract signtature.

  • What is an On-Net Property?

    On-Net simply means that WiLine's internet services are already available on that property. To find out if your property is On-Net, please ring 1-888-494-5463 or complete this simple form.

  • What is an Off-Net Property?

    Off-Net defines a property where WiLine Business Internet isn't available just yet. Some Off-Net properties may require a building survey to see if the necessary requirements are in place to receive WiLine's High Speed Data Service.

  • What is symmetrical bandwidth?

    Symmetrical data connections deliver the same download and upload speeds. Traditionally, the copper or cable companies would deliver 50 Mbps Download & 5Mbbps Upload speeds. In a symmetrical connection, you would have 50 Mbps for both Download and Upload. For more information check our What is symmetrical bandwidth tech brief.

  • What is the maximum speed you offer?

    WiLine offers Business Dedicated Symmetrical Internet speeds anywhere from 50 Mbps to 10,000 Mbps (10 Gbps). We can tailor your connection to the specific needs of your business 1 Megabit at a time.

  • Do you support IPv6?

    Yes, WiLine now supports IPv6 technology throughout our network. For more information on WiLine's IPv6 services, please contact us.

  • Can I use a WiLine Connection as a backup to my current system?

    Yes, of course. WiLine will work in tandem with any other Internet Service Provider. Our dedicated staff will be delighted to help you setup a solution that fits your business needs.

  • What is internet route diversity for business continuity?

    Having two different internet service providers in place does not deliver true route diversity because they are usually routed through the same conduit down the street and into your building. If one is cut then both are cut.

    True route diversity is achieved by having internet providers that use different paths of entry into your building – one through the ground (fiber or cable) and the other to the rooftop (wireless) of your business. This is the next evolution in SD-WAN services.

    For more information, read The Importance of Internet Route Diversity to Ensure Business Continuity tech brief.

  • What does DIA mean?

    DIA strands for Dedicated Internet Access. With a DIA connection, your company is guaranteed to receive the contracted bandwidth 100% of the time. For example, if you are signing a contract for 100 Mbps dedicated and symmetrical, you will always receive 100 Mbps both upload and download. Check this article for more information on Dedicated Internet Access.

  • Does WiLine Provide Short Term Contracts for Events?

    Yes, WiLine can provide short term contracts that are ideal for events, short term TV/film productions, etc. Please complete this simple form and a member of our dedicated Events team will be in touch with you.

  • I would like to get your high speed business broadband but my location is outside your coverage area. Do you plan to expand your coverage?

    Yes. WiLine is one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in California and we are constantly expanding our network of certified buildings. Please complete this simple form and we will inform you as soon as service is available in your area.

  • Are fixed wireless connections less reliable then traditional wireline?

    This is one of the myths about fixed wireless data connections.

    Naval officers, First Responders and high-frequency traders alike rely on fixed wireless for their mission-critical data transactions and transmissions, so clearly it is no runner-up to wireline in terms of reliability.

    For more information on why fixed wireless is a reliable and valid solution for enterprise connectivity, read our tech brief: Is fixed wireless better than fiber?

  • Do you provide a Service Level Agreement?

    Yes, WiLine's does provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) as standard with its symmetrical plans. You can download our terms of service here.

    An Enhanced Service Level Agreement, guaranteeing 99.999% service availability is also available upon request. Note, this agreement requires a dual-stack installation.

  • What is SASE?

    SASE (pronounced "sassy") stands for Secure Access Service Edge, which is a cloud-based networking and security architecture combining several network functions, such as SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networking), firewall, secure web gateway, and zero-trust network access, into a single, unified service. SASE provides secure access to applications and data, regardless of the user's location, device type, or network connection, through a globally distributed network of cloud-based points of presence (PoPs). Read our "What is SASE" blog to know more about SASE.

  • What is Cybersecurity?

    Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting IT assets (computer systems, networks, and data) from malicious activities. It encompasses several different techniques and technologies, such as firewalls, encryption, endpoint protection, intrusion detection systems, and access control mechanisms, to safeguard against threats like malware, phishing or ransomware among many other types of exploits. The goal of a cybersecurity strategy is to maintain the integrity and availability at all times of the digital fabric of an organization.

  • What type of Cybersecurity services does WiLine provide?

    WiLine has partnered with world leaders in cybersecurity VMware, CrowdStrike, Fortinet among others to deliver the most complete multi-layer IT security solution to organizations like yours. While WiLine doesn't provide the services directly, you will have a single point of contact, simplifying your deployment while maximizing the protection. Our experts will work with you to recommend the best options for your environment. WiLine operates in a cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS) model. Click to learn more about the advantages of cybersecurity as a service and if it is the right option for your business.

  • I own/manage a property and would like to get WiLine for my tenants what do I do?

    WiLine is a business only Internet Service Provider that delivers high-speed premium connections to businesses.

    If you own or manage a commercial property with multiple tenants WiLine can work with you to increase the appeal of your property with prospective tenants. Please take a look at our Guide for Property Managers and Building Owners for a more in-depth look at the process of bringing WiLine Business Internet to your building.

  • Are WiLine connections secure?

    WiLine uses the latest technology in RF equipment and encryption. All the equipment we install use proprietary communication protocols and encryption at the RF layer.

  • How do I submit a support ticket?

    Simply email support@wiline.com and a ticket number will be issued for you.

  • Common Solutions - Data

  • My data connection is down. What do I do?

    The number 1 cause for loss of data connectivity has to do with client side router failure. This can usually be solved within minutes with a simple restart of the router. If this doesn't solve your connectivity problem, check the server room and ensure that all switch units have power and are plugged in. If this is the case, your best option is to call one of customer service representatives on 1-888-494-5463 and select option 2.

  • My Internet speed is very slow. What can I do?

    The causes for a slow Data Connection speed can be varied and could be hard to diagnose.

    Common causes include:

    1. -The web address you are trying to reach is experiencing high traffic. Check if your connection is slow for all websites or just one particular domain.
    2. - It could be a peak time where users are demanding intense bandwidth within your organization. This means you are reaching the maximum for your circuit and the only option is to upgrade or wait for a period where the usage isn't as high.
    3. - There may be a fault or problem with your client side router equipment. I would recommend that you restart your router.
    4. - If using a WiFi connection, you may be experiencing some interference or be too far away from your router. A good article on reducing WiFi interference can be found here.
    5. - Malware and Viruses could also be slowing down your connection or increasing the load on your network.

    WiLine has prepared a simple article with 5 tips to troubleshoot Internet speed problems. Please have a read through it.

    If none of the above seems to solve the problem, please give a call to 1-888-494-5463, we are here to help 24x7x365 and will be able to diagnose your problem or dispatch a field engineer if required.

  • Will the location of my Internet router impact the quality of my connection?

    If you're using a ethernet cable connection then the answer is no. However most businesses today use WiFi connections and in this case the answer is definitely yes. Larger distance and physical obstacles can have a significant impact in network quality within a building. If you're experiencing poor connection speeds or call quality, more often then not is due to internal routing and signaling problems. We will be able to troubleshoot this with you at the handoff if youcontact our customer support.

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