Internet Service for SMB's

Supporting productivity and rapid time to market for small and medium size organizations

Supporting productivity and rapid time to market for small and medium size organizations

Uncompromised Connectivity Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses

Today, fast and reliable business internet is a vital asset for the success of small businesses. With more services and tools going online and into the cloud, and more customers than ever using the internet to make purchasing decisions, your business needs dedicated, symmetrical, ultra-fast internet service to be both productive and profitable.

At WiLine, we understand that many small businesses lack the IT resources and infrastructure required to manage multiple vendors and complex solutions. We bring over 20 years of experience in business connectivity to your organization. We offer a single vendor solution for affordable, reliable, full-featured internet services with add on managed services so you stay productive and agile as your business grows.

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Flexible Solutions on a Superior Network Platform

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) for Small-Medium Businesses

An internet package that is specifically designed for business use offers several advantages, particularly over consumer-grade broadband, which may be subject to bandwidth fluctuations, delayed support, and weak security measures. Count on WiLine as your high-value enterprise-grade internet provider.

Business Continuity

Internet connectivity is one of the most critical systems needed to maintain business operations and even a short outage can mean a large gap in revenue, a dip in customer confidence, and lost productivity. There are many environmental and man-made reasons why internet service can go down, but when it cuts out for whatever reason, a redundant or backup link from WiLine is the answer.

Add-On Solutions for Productivity Gains and Better Business

SD-WAN for Flexibility, Simplicity and Performance

WiLine SD-WAN makes it easy to deploy and manage multiple links while simultaneously optimizing bandwidth across cloud-based applications and hosted enterprise solutions for maximum performance and cost efficiency. WiLine SD-WAN will improve operations, ensure better app performance, and add a layer of security to cloud access.

Unified Communications (UCaaS)

WiLine's UCaaS solution is designed for businesses seeking advanced and adaptable communication tools. This comprehensive system not only integrates seamlessly with existing CRMs and software platforms but also offers softphone apps for Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows devices. Central to the platform is a browser-based video conferencing feature, eliminating the need for additional downloads and ensuring HD audio and video quality. Participants can conveniently join meetings via desktop or phone, ensuring they never miss a moment. Accompanied by a fully managed service and an intuitive user experience, WiLine doesn't just offer a tool but positions itself as a strategic communication ally for modern enterprises.

Managed Wi-Fi with Performance and Freedom

Creating a Wi-Fi network for your business not only empowers your staff as they move around but offers guest network services to customers and other visitors, too. WiLine Managed Wi-Fi is an affordable, fully managed solution that includes administration, monitoring, and reporting, eliminating the IT burden of managing specialized network gear and ensuring quality service across the network.

Cybersecurity for Best-in-Class Protection

Keeping up with malicious cyberthreats and vulnerabilities represents a massive and growing headache for small businesses. Many lack in-house security operation centers to protect systems, data, and employees but are still subject to harsh regulatory demands. To help protect businesses, WiLine Cybersecurity is a managed solution that combines advanced, best-in-class security technology in a layered approach with autonomous detection, remediation, and restoration.

WiLine Advantages

Future-Ready Platform

Private, SDN mesh network with multi path diversity and proactive monitoring for superior reliability and performance.

Value Built Services

Best in class features for a comprehensive service offering that brings more value to power business forward.

Environmentally Friendly

Protection against power outages with solar-powered battery backup for clean-energy resiliency.

Flexible Options

Freedom of choice coupled with predictable pricing to minimize complexity and maximize options.

Proactive Support

Expertly trained US-based support plus AI monitoring to handle all of your needs 24/7.

What Our Customers Say

  • "To run our business effectively, we needed reliable, cost-effective internet. Fortunately, I found WiLine."

  • "WiLine was an easy choice. The cost was right, the dedicated service was ideal, and if we need more speed, WiLine can simply turn it up at any time."

  • "Tech support has been rock solid, it’s easy to deploy and scale, and it’s highly reliable. Anyone who doesn’t have a cost-effective fixed wireless internet service from WiLine is playing with fire."

  • "WiLine provides us with a plug-and-play solution that compares favorably to other vendors"

  • "The WiLine phone service has added another level of convenience and allowed us to keep up with the times. The simple set up and ease of use has meant we don’t need an IT person to move extensions or reprogram the phones, I can do it online in about two seconds."

  • "Everything nowadays is in the cloud that we use on a daily basis. With WiLine, everyone can be downloading or uploading and doing different things at the same time, and it doesn’t take forever. That’s something that no other company could offer and we’ve never looked back."

Discover Why Dogtopia Uses WiLine

Choosing WiLine as its internet provider was an easy decision for Dogtopia of Miramar. The commitment to customer satisfaction, affordable prices, and lightning-fast internet connections that are flexible and grow with the business requirements."

If your organization relies on a fast and reliable internet connection to do business, you should speak to WiLine today.


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