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Connectivity solutions for the hospitality sector.

Reliable connectivity and communications are key to running a successful hotel or restaurant. Your guests expect it!

At WiLine, with over 20 years of experience and presence across 46 states, we understand the importance of reliable internet and voice communications in the hospitality sector. The seamless flow of operations at hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues hinge on our robust, interruption-free connectivity. We enable streamlined online bookings, efficient point-of-sale transactions, effective internal collaboration, and the fostering of strong relationships with guests. Additionally, our fast installation times mean that we can rapidly deploy our services, ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Our unique selling point lies in our diverse path redundancy through both fixed-wireless and fiber, coupled with our state-of-the-art SD-WAN. These features allow us to offer advanced cybersecurity solutions, which are of paramount importance to hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and tour operators.

WiLine's commitment to constant connectivity extends to ensuring that our services remain online during power outages. Our infrastructure includes solar-powered battery backup systems, providing you with the reassurance that your business will minimize the impact of black- and brown-outs when it matters most. Our solutions are particularly beneficial to business travelers and convention centers, where high-speed internet and top-tier cybersecurity measures are non-negotiable. With WiLine as your multi-service provider, you are investing in the reliability and security necessary to meet the demands of your modern, connected guests.

Dedicated Internet Access in Action

Guest Wi-Fi

The importance of Wi-Fi across all areas of your property cannot be underestimated. Our team can deploy a managed solution so that you can focus on what matters.

Event Wi-Fi

In the connected world we live today, your property will be known by the quality of the connecitivity it provides to delegates and event attendees.

Affordable Multi-Service Solutions

With WiLine you get more than just internet. You get affordable voice solutions, built-in SD-WAN redundancy and cybersecurity provided by world leaders.

Flexible Solutions on Reliable Foundation

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

WiLine offers a dedicated business internet service that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the hospitality sector to ensure that all your guests have at their disposal a reliable, secure and fast connectivity solution enabling them to be productive anywhere within the property. WiLine enterprise-grade DIA is easy to scale and quick to install, with high-speed, dedicated, symmetrical, internet service, SLA guarantees, 24/7 support, and optional services that can be leveraged across the entire property and across your other locations.

Add-On Solutions for Productivity Gains and Better Business

icon Add-On Solutions for Productivity Gains and Better Business


SD-WAN has become central to the strategy of most network IT teams to manage their networks using multiple internet links. WiLine offers SD-WAN that leverages multiple links for increased capacity, improved reliability and lower cost. Simple to deploy and manage, WiLine SD-WAN solutions actively monitor and measure the quality of each link including packet loss, latency and jitter, and route network traffic according to policies that optimize business performance and ensure reliability and business continuity.

icon Add-On Solutions for Productivity Gains and Better Business

Unified Communications System

The WiLine Cloud Voice Service is affordable, easy to use, and fast to deploy, so your staff can communicate quickly and effortlessly. It’s quick to scale to new users and locations through an online portal and offers all the features of modern communication systems, such as conference calling, voicemail to email, video calling and is compatible with all major mobile devices.

icon Add-On Solutions for Productivity Gains and Better Business

Managed Wi-Fi with Performance and Freedom

Creating a Wi-Fi network for your business not only empowers your staff as they move around locations but offers guest network services to patients and other visitors, too. WiLine Managed Wi-Fi is an affordable, fully managed solution that includes administration, monitoring, and reporting, eliminating the IT burden of managing specialized network gear and ensuring your guests benefit from a reliable and fast service across your property.

icon Add-On Solutions for Productivity Gains and Better Business

Cybersecurity for Best-in-Class Protection

Keeping up with cyberthreats and identifying vulnerabilities represents a large and growing headache for all businesses. Many hospitality owners struggle to source the in-house cybersecurity expertise required to improve the protection of systems, data, and employees but are still subject to risk and harsh regulatory demands. To help protect your business and give you the data protection you need, WiLine Cybersecurity is a managed solution that combines advanced, best-in-class security technology in a layered approach with autonomous detection, remediation, and restoration.

What Our Customers Say

  • "To run our business effectively, we needed reliable, cost-effective internet. Fortunately, I found WiLine."

  • "WiLine was an easy choice. The cost was right, the dedicated service was ideal, and if we need more speed, WiLine can simply turn it up at any time."

  • "Tech support has been rock solid, it’s easy to deploy and scale, and it’s highly reliable. Anyone who doesn’t have a cost-effective fixed wireless internet service from WiLine is playing with fire."

  • "WiLine provides us with a plug-and-play solution that compares favorably to other vendors"

  • "The WiLine phone service has added another level of convenience and allowed us to keep up with the times. The simple set up and ease of use has meant we don’t need an IT person to move extensions or reprogram the phones, I can do it online in about two seconds."

  • "Everything nowadays is in the cloud that we use on a daily basis. With WiLine, everyone can be downloading or uploading and doing different things at the same time, and it doesn’t take forever. That’s something that no other company could offer and we’ve never looked back."


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