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Spread Cost Savings Across Your Locations with Enterprise-Grade Fixed Wireless Internet from One Vendor

A modern approach to ensuring mission-critical internet connectivity for business operations with fixed wireless internet access.

If your business or organization has multiple locations and campuses, having a network system that can link staff, streamline communications, and save you money may just be the competitive edge you need. A single, secure network means you can offer business services that help make your staff more productive and your business more efficient.

In addition to improving your network performance and multiplying cost savings across all locations, WiLine fixed wireless service provides a one-stop shop for secure internet access with guaranteed SLAs, remote monitoring, and more. Our secure enterprise-grade fixed wireless internet opens up options for effective route diversity and business continuity strategies, delivering service from the rooftop that can be deployed with the WiLine SD-WAN (or other third-party solution) in a comprehensive business continuity strategy.

With additional services such as consolidated billing and centralized network management, WiLine helps make your business move faster and more efficiently.

Infrastructure Customized to Bring You Together

WiLine staff works with you to assess your needs across sites and help ensure you have the internet service you need to meet your business goals.

Dedicated Internet Access for Business (DIA)

DIA ensures that your business consistently enjoys a minimum amount of bandwidth in each location—a critical requirement for organizations keen to improve productivity and stay competitive. WiLine enterprise-grade DIA is easy to scale and quick to install, with high-speed, dedicated, symmetrical, internet service, SLA guarantees, 24/7 support, and optional services that can be leveraged across all sites to support your changing needs.

WiLine SD-Wan

SD-WAN has become central to the strategy of most IT teams to manage their networks performance. An SD-WAN improves application performance and reliability, while improving cost efficiency. Simple to deploy and manage, WiLine SD-WAN actively monitors and measures the quality of each link including packet loss, latency and jitter, and routes network traffic according to policies that optimize business performance and business continuity.


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