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What is DIA?

and how it compares to a regular broadband connection...

What is a DIA - Dedicated Internet Access

To put it simply, DIA stands for Dedicated Internet Access and it just means that your contracted bandwidth is exclusively yours. This means it stays the same all the time, every time.

For a growing number of companies, their Internet connection is a critical part of their operations. Delays and interruptions in service may result in significant losses, on occasion, these can mean many thousands of dollars in lost revenue. It is important that businesses that rely heavily on their Internet connection have a resilient provider that offers constant throughput and bandwidth.

If your business is Internet dependent, a Dedicated Internet Access may well be the only viable solution for you independently of cost. While your business will be paying a premium for the service, you will have your own “highway” to the Internet. No bottlenecks or traffic lights, a constant and steady stream of traffic in both directions.

Dedicated Internet contracts often also include a SLA (Service Level Agreement) that establishes minimums levels of service guarantees for items like latency and network availability which is usually measured between 99.9% (three nines) and 99.99% (four nines).

Your DIA Internet connection is usually also a symmetrical connection, which means that you will receive the same bandwidth for both upload and download. This contrasts with other products which typically advertise a very high speed but only provide it as a download stream, the upload is usually significantly less. Also worth noting is that the bandwidth in these products is not dedicated to your business and is provided in what is called best effort, or what is currently available divided by the number of clients sharing it. When you contract a 100 Mbps DIA, you can expect to have 100 Mbps Upload and Download and this bandwidth is all yours, you won't be sharing it with anyone else. Bar exceptions you should have 100 Mbps all the time. This is all the more important when your business requires cloud applications, remote working capability or VoIP technology for instance.

What Internet Should My Business Buy?

When it comes to many purchase decisions, businesses often have cost as one of the deciding factors, often times, the main deciding factor. When it comes to choosing an internet provider, it is no different. However, it is worth noting, that sometimes the cheap option isn’t the one that offers the best value.

The best value business internet can only be accurately assessed on a case by case basis. This is where WiLine’s team of expert solution consulstants can help your business choose the right product for your specific case. WiLine will work directly with your IT department to assess and develop a solution that is customized to your business needs.

About WiLine Networks

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