Software Defined Mesh Network (SDN)

With multi-path redundancy and proactive monitoring

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With multi-path redundancy and proactive monitoring

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Protection and Resiliency with Business Continuity

A modern approach to ensuring mission-critical internet connectivity for business operations with fixed wireless internet access.

WiLine delivers its business internet service over a private, secure, software defined mesh network with proactive monitoring, and built-in redundancy via a multi-path link strategy. To protect against brown or black outs and to help green the planet, WiLine is proactively retrofitting the network to harness the sun as a primary power source. We continue to advance our network and products, so businesses receive value-built, feature-forward solutions to move forward, faster.

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Proactive Monitoring
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Built-In Redundancy
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Solar Network Backup

Mesh Approach Beats Legacy Hub and Spoke Design

Mesh Network Hub & Spoke Network
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Multiple paths to effectively route around issues automatically
Trouble hits the hub, and all points go down
50 Mbps to 10 Gbps
10 Mbps to 1 Gbps
Multiple paths and shorter links create safety net
Single point of failure is critical risk

Superior Network Design Amps Fixed Wireless Advantages

The last mile wireless technology from WiLine has many advantages over other last-mile technologies including greater throughput capabilities, lower latency, stronger disaster protection, and ease of installation and scalability.

In The Air

In the air versus buried in the ground means it is much faster and easier to realign or replace a point-to-point radio as opposed to repairing or replacing underground cables or fiber links. The SDN mesh architecture also facilitates the instantaneous rerouting of problem link.

Path Redundancy

Legacy networks use hub and spoke network design and path redundancy would require two central office connections which isn’t feasible due to distance limitations. WiLIne’s mesh architecture was intentionally designed for path redundancy to keep businesses running.

Low Power Requirements

WiLine network nodes have low power requirements and remain operational for up to 8 hours without commercial power, and the sun-powered cells will bring the juice when brown or blackout hits.

Service Level Guarantees Made Possible by Advanced Network

100% Bandwidth
99.999% Availability
Under 10 miliseconds Latency and under 2 miliseconds Jitter
<10ms Latency
<2 ms Jitter
Under 0.001% Packet Loss
Packet Loss

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