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Dedicated, Symmetrical Business Internet

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed by an Industry Leading Service Level Agreement


WiLine is a Business Internet Provider delivering some of the fastest, most reliable internet circuits. Price plans tailored to you, from 10 Mbps, all the way up to 10 Gbps.


We understand that business needs change over time. With WiLine, you can quickly adjust your contracted Bandwidth by any increment to meet your business needs.


Our private, dedicated network uses a reliable mesh topology to provide equal upload and download speeds. In today’s Cloud-based, ultra-connected world, symmetrical bandwidth is a necessity.

Cost savings

Tired of paying the cable and phone company high rates for inconsistent and unreliable service? WiLine is not a reseller of legacy systems. Our privately owned network allows us to pass significant savings to our customers. The WiLine Low Price Guarantee is our commitment to beat any competitor’s price for equivalent services or provide higher bandwidth.

Industry Leading sla

Throughput: 100%
Network Service Availability: 99.99%
Packet Loss: <0.001%
A Data Centre Hard Drive Bays
Reliable Business Internet

As a premium Business Internet Provider, WiLine understands that your business can’t afford to have Internet downtime. You can’t predict when the next outage or service interruption will occur, but you can take the right steps to ensure your business is prepared. That means switching your communication services to WiLine. We utilize carrier Ethernet to deliver our services; there is no need for complex equipment or unnecessary expenses. Your Business Internet connects directly to our fully redundant, high speed, private metro-Ethernet network, which ties into our fiber-ring connecting all of the metros we service in California. Our presence in eleven data centers, each with multiple peering partners, ensures that your business will receive the most reliable internet service in California.

Speed Trails For Dedicated Business Internet Access
Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Dedicated Internet Access is a fixed amount of bandwidth always available to your business at any time. Our bandwidth does not fluctuate, even during peak usage times. Our network traffic is processed through multiple routing paths, assuring the fastest path to the Internet. With Dedicated Internet Access, you’ll enjoy industry-leading business internet service levels and the easiest upgrade path around – all for a fraction of the cost of what you’re paying. It is our mission to provide our customers the highest quality, most reliable service, at the best possible rates. For complete peace of mind WiLine offers a industry leading Internet Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing 99.99% network service availability.

Illustration Graphic To Show Symmetrical Internet Speed Provided by WiLine
Symmetrical Business Internet

Unlike other Business Internet Providers, WiLine only delivers symmetrical Internet circuits, meaning upload and download speeds are equal. With the pervasiveness of cloud computing, your employees are interacting with cloud applications, sharing large files, and uploading an ever increasing amount of data. Fast Upload speeds are now a necessity to keep your business productive. Gain a productivity edge with our symmetrical Internet Service.

Network Fiber Cables - Fast Business Internet Installation
Quick & Easy Installation

Connecting to WiLine is easy. We have pre-qualified and confirmed serviceability to thousands of buildings throughout our service areas. We have the ability to connect your business to our state of the art network in as little as one to five days after an order is placed. Our speed of install is just another reason why WiLine Business Internet is the best solution for your business connectivity.

About WiLine

    WiLine helps businesses of all sizes keep pace with the growing demands of the digital age over enterprise-grade business internet service. Our scalable, high-speed bandwidth and add-on managed services offer secure, fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity on a strong network foundation. Businesses of all sizes choose WiLine for the freedom and flexibility they need to be productive and thrive.

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