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E-Line & E-LAN Transport Solutions

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Connect Multiple Office Locations With Reliable SDN Mesh

Welcome to WiLine's cutting-edge Ethernet Transport Services (ETS), designed to seamlessly connect your business locations. Imagine your multiple locations communicating effortlessly, as though they were part of the same Local Area Network (LAN). That's the power of our SDN MESH Network, delivering next-gen Internet Transport solutions right to your doorstep.

WiLine’s ETS is more than just a standard connection; it offers flexible speed tiers, including 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 250Mbps, 500Mbps, and 1Gbps Ethernet User Network Interfaces (UNI). Whether you're looking for Committed Information Rates (CIRs) or specific capacities, we've got your needs covered.

But what truly sets us apart? Our dedication to quality and standards. WiLine’s E-Line and E-LAN services are not only top-of-the-line but also compliant with the latest Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF 3.0) Standards. As the future leans heavily on Carrier Ethernet Services, we ensure our services, be it E-Line or E-LAN, remain at the forefront, offering you unmatched reliability and speed.

For the tech-savvy and discerning business professionals of today, understanding the nuances of Internet Transport has never been more crucial. Dive deeper into WiLine’s E-Line and E-LAN solutions and discover how our Carrier Ethernet Services can elevate your business connectivity in today's digital age.

Ethernet Solutions - E-Line

E-Line is a modern solution in the world of networking, offering a blend of smart, cost-saving routing methods and the boon of a fully committed bandwidth. While traditional networking techniques often rely on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) or Virtual Private Label Switching (VPLS), E-Line distinguishes itself by harnessing the simplicity and efficiency of Ethernet.

At its core, E-Line is a point-to-point Ethernet service. It facilitates the direct connection between two user network interfaces (UNIs), effectively creating a dedicated pathway for data transport. This ensures that data transfer remains consistent and unaffected by other network traffic, making it ideal for businesses that require a guaranteed level of service. By eliminating the complexities associated with MPLS or VPLS, E-Line presents an uncomplicated, yet highly effective, approach to establishing reliable and high-speed connectivity between two distinct locations.

E-Line Use Cases:
  • Private Lines
  • Etherenet Internet Access
  • Replacement for TDM Private Lines
  • Replacement for MPLS/VPLS

Carrier Ethernet - E-Line Service Benefits

Dedicated Bandwidth

Delivers increased reliability with all the bandwidth available allocated to your business.

Scale With Ease

As your business grows, the demands on bandwidth increase. Avoid bottlenecks and increase productivity with dedicated E-Line solutions from WiLine.

Optimize Performance

Leverage Ethernet over SDN technology to accelerate time to market with pre-provisioned backbone. Improve response times, application quality and improve productivity and efficiency of your teams.

Reduce Cost

Lower the cost-per-data-bit and improve efficiency at a lower cost when compared to other private line options. The solution can be configured to fit your specific needs and budget.

Ethernet Solutions - E-LAN

Our E-LAN is a transformative solution in the realm of network connectivity, specifically tailored for businesses that operate across multiple locations. At its essence, E-LAN stands for Ethernet Local Area Network, offering a multi-point to multi-point configuration that securely connects multiple LANs as if they were a single, unified network.

What sets WiLine's E-LAN apart is its ability to streamline and simplify your network infrastructure. Instead of grappling with expensive WAN equipment and the intricate challenges that come with it, E-LAN provides a direct, Ethernet-based connection. This not only translates to cost savings by eliminating the need for specialized WAN equipment but also spares businesses the hassle and additional expense of outsourcing WAN expertise.

For businesses sprawling across various geographies, the complexity of network management can quickly become overwhelming. WiLine's E-LAN is the antidote to this challenge, drastically reducing network intricacy and associated costs. If you are looking for seamless, secure LAN-to-LAN connectivity that is both efficient and economical, WiLine E-LAN emerges as the go-to solution.

E-LAN Use Cases:
  • Multipoint L2 VPNs
  • Transparent LAN services
  • Layer 2 VPNs (L2VPN)
  • Foundation for IPTV and Multicast networks

Carrier Ethernet - E-LAN Service Benefits


Centralized connectivity via a transparent multipoint service connecting all your locations.

SLA Guarantee

WiLine E-LAN is SLA backed for latency, jitter, packet loss and service availability.


Easily and seamlessly connect all your locations via WiLine's SDN Mesh network as if you were all in the same office.


WiLine complies with MEF 3.0 Certification for all its carrier ethernet services.

What is Carrier Ethernet?

what is carrier ethernet

In today's hyper-connected business environment, seamless and scalable connectivity is more than just a luxury—it is a necessity. For businesses looking to elevate their communication infrastructure, Carrier Ethernet offers an exceptional solution, especially when provided by a wireless ISP.

At its core, Carrier Ethernet is a high-bandwidth networking solution that offers more than just raw speed. Think of it as the evolved, beefier cousin of the traditional Ethernet, fine-tuned to meet the complex demands of modern businesses. For instance, consider the E-Line and E-LAN configurations. E-Line services, or Ethernet Line Services, cater to businesses seeking a direct, point-to-point connection between two locations. This is particularly beneficial for organizations that need dedicated capacity for data-heavy operations or secure communications. Conversely, E-LAN, or Ethernet LAN services, facilitates multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity, making it an excellent choice for businesses with multiple sites requiring interconnectedness.

But why should businesses prioritize Carrier Ethernet over other connectivity options? First and foremost, it guarantees a consistent and high-quality connection, irrespective of the distance between sites. This ensures that operations remain smooth, even as businesses expand geographically. Furthermore, its scalable nature means businesses only pay for the capacity they need, allowing for cost-effective expansion as and when required. In a world where digital agility directly translates to business competitiveness, investing in Carrier Ethernet is not just a technical decision—it is a strategic one.

Seamlessly connect all your locations as if you were in the same office

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