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WiLine UCaaS: All-in-One Communications, Simplified!

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WiLine UCaaS: All-in-One Communications, Simplified!

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An Integrated Approach to Business Communications

Built for any sized business, WiLine Cloud Voice Service is easy to use and quick to deploy so your team can get connected and ready to go in no time. Our scalable solution gives your staff the ideal communication tools and dedicated internet connectivity they need to stay productive while you manage and grow your business.

With communications managed through an easy-to-use online portal, you can set up and manage all areas of your business's communications, including: directory services, softphone options, contact center capabilities, speciality locations like warehouses, lobbies, and conference rooms.

WiLine Business Unified Communications as a Service

In our modern and dynamic business ecosystem, a one-size-fits-all approach to communication falls short. Organizations have different business models and needs. Recognizing this, WiLine has prepared three base packages for business communications that we think will cater for the needs of most organizations. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.


SMB Solution

Business UCaaS

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  • Cloud Based Voice
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Call Queues & Reports
  • & much more

Only $25


Enterprise UCaaS

Enterprise UCaaS

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  • All features of business plus...
  • Video Conferencing
  • Android & iOS Softphone
  • Windows & MacOS Softphone
  • Custom CRM Integration*

Only $35


Video Conferencing

Standalone Meetings

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  • Meetings Software
  • Browser-Based
  • Meeting Recorder
  • Screen Sharing
  • HD Voice & Video

Only $10

Elevate Your Enterprise Communication with Advanced UCaaS

What is Business UCaaS?

Navigating today's business landscape requires state-of-the-art communication tools that are not only robust but also versatile. Recognizing this, WiLine presents a business UCaaS solution, meticulously crafted for organizations that demand tailored communication platforms. We don't just offer a communication tool; our engineering teams can integrate it seamlessly with your existing CRM and other software platforms, delivering an holistic experience that aligns with your specific operational requirements.

Beyond connectivity, the browser-based video conferencing software sets new standards in user convenience and functionality. Say goodbye to cumbersome downloads or compatibility issues. Attendees can join meetings, benefit from high-definition audio and video, recordings, and access all features directly through their browser. And for those moments when a desktop isn't within reach, the platform supports phone access akin to the leading video conferencing platforms on the market. Combine this with our fully managed service and intuitive user experience, and you have more than a product – you have a strategic communication partner.

Ready to redefine business communication for your organization? Get in touch today and discover the real benefits of WiLine's UCaaS solution.

A Native Integration With Microsoft Teams.

WiLine’s MS Teams integration is more than just a technical advancement; it represents a significant leap in the way our clients communicate. With Microsoft Teams already a powerhouse in the collaborative tool sphere, boasting 280 million active users as of 2023, this integration represents yet another step forward in WiLine’s UCaaS that sets us apart from our competition.

The key to this integration is the ability to seamlessly communicate. By bridging Microsoft Teams with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), we're merging the best of cloud collaboration with the reliability of traditional telephony. This means users can now make and receive calls directly within the Teams interface. This integration eliminates the need for additional apps, streamlining communication workflows and enhancing productivity.

We understand the importance of a smooth transition. That’s why our integration facilitates an effortless shift from conventional phone systems to a more modern and collaborative tool. Users can enjoy the rich, productivity enhancing features of Teams while retaining all the familiar phone functionalities. Imagine having your desk phone and the Teams app ring simultaneously, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred method of communication.

Security and compliance are paramount in today's digital landscape. Microsoft Teams offers a robust set of security features, and WiLine ensures that all communications with Teams servers are fully encrypted. We handle all the technical complexities so that your conversations remain secure and private.

Finally, navigating licensing can be a challenge. WiLine's Engineering Staff will be at your side, assisting in selecting the appropriate Microsoft license. This ensures you only pay for what you need, avoiding unnecessary services and costs.

WiLine's integration with Microsoft Teams is more than just a feature update; it's a transformative step towards streamlined, secure, and efficient business communications.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Transitioning to UCaaS

Navigating the waters of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) can seem daunting, especially if you’re transitioning from traditional communication methods or juggling multiple vendors. Yet, the benefits of streamlining and centralizing your communication solutions are immeasurable. This guide will walk you through the essentials of making the switch to UCaaS, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Modern Communication Features for Today’s Businesses

Video Conferencing

A Simple to use video conferencing platform accessible from any device, browser-based, 1080p Video and HD Audio. Meet up to 500 participants.

Easy Set up & Management

Our online portal gives you full control to scale for new users and locations as needed.


Unlike other services on the market, we offer a low, predictable price structure based solely on the number of users.

Softphone Application

Experience seamless communication with our UCaaS Softphone App, optimized for both Windows and Mac desktops. Elevate your connectivity by downloading directly from the WiLine website or find us on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What is Business UCaaS?

What is Business UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, is a cloud-based solution that integrates various communication methods within businesses. As a singular, cohesive system, UCaaS encompasses services such as voice and telephony, including mobility support, meeting solutions (audio, video, and web conferencing), messaging (email, SMS, and voicemail), presence and instant messaging, and communications-enabled business processes. UCaaS offers a robust suite of tools designed for business communication that is typically more sophisticated than those available in residential applications.

The rise of UCaaS for businesses has revolutionized how companies communicate, both internally and externally. One of its principal benefits is the significant boost to productivity. By integrating various forms of communication into a single interface, UCaaS makes it easier for employees to reach out to each other and to clients, reducing wasted time switching between different tools and platforms. This simplification and streamlining of communication can directly enhance efficiency and collaboration, promoting seamless teamwork and reducing errors due to miscommunication.

UCaaS platforms also offer simplicity in their deployment and management. Since UCaaS is a cloud-based solution, it eliminates the need for businesses to maintain or upgrade physical communication infrastructure, which can be costly and time-consuming. This cloud model also ensures easy scalability to match the pace of a business's growth. Need more users or additional features? Simply adjust your UCaaS package with a few clicks.

In summary, UCaaS for businesses can provide an exceptional communication upgrade, promoting productivity and simplicity. The integration of multiple communication methods into a single platform can significantly improve the flow of information, streamline collaboration, and minimize downtime due to technological issues. Its cloud-based nature ensures cost-effectiveness, scalability, and the ease of implementation and management. Hence, adopting UCaaS for businesses may well be a strategic move for any forward-thinking company in the digital era.


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A Comprehensive Guide to Transitioning to UCaaS for Modern Businesses


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