Dedicated Internet Access

Fast, reliable and secure connectivity for business

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Fast, reliable and secure connectivity for business

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Secure Internet Service with Fast Install for an Online World

Never before have businesses faced so many challenges staying connected with customers and adapting to technology changes. From serving the optimal website experience to using the latest productivity-enhancing business tools, dependable, secure internet access is at the heart of everything we do.

That’s why WiLine offers ultra-fast enterprise-grade dedicated, symmetrical fixed wireless access (FWA) for businesses of all types and sizes. With WiLine’s secure, high-speed SLA-guaranteed internet connectivity, you get peace of mind that you made the right choice for your business.

The WiLine Advantage: Make the Right Choice for Your Business

Fastest Installation Lead Times
Fast Install

Get online quickly and easily with our rapid-install service and responsive team of experts. No need to pull cables or dig trenches with WiLine, we get you online and working in the digital world in days not weeks.

Dedicated Internet

Choose the bandwidth package that is right for you and rest assured that you’ll never have to share with your neighbors or suffer service fluctuations. We make sure you have the access you need for full productivity.

Symmetrical Internet

Enjoy equal upload and download speeds for modern cloud-based services and applications with our reliable mesh topology. Whether your employees are downloading or uploading, productivity is never slowed or interrupted.

Affordable Business Internet

Manage your IT costs effectively for enterprise-grade connectivity. Our privately owned network means we can pass on great cost savings, and we’re committed to beating any competitor’s price for equivalent services.

Ultrafast Business Internet

Meet your performance needs with the right package and watch your online productivity soar. Speeds start at 50 Mbps and go all the way up to 10 Gbps plans—all delivered across a secure and reliable network.

Reliable Business Internet

Reliability is built into everything we do. We use carrier Ethernet and connect your business internet into our fully redundant private network for high availability—a key feature of our business continuity solution.

Secure Business Internet

Our security products are reliant on best-in-class solutions and industry best practices. We proactively monitor and upgrade our private mesh network with the most advanced security technologies.

Enterprise Business Internet
Enterprise Grade

Get the best quality network no matter the size of your operation or the number of locations. From reliability to speed, our internet connectivity is always enterprise grade with guaranteed SLAs and 24/7 support.

Scalable Business Internet

We help your business grow. As new business models and trends evolve, WiLine works with you to help you adapt. We can quickly install add-on services and match your bandwidth needs to your operational performance.

Solar Network Backup
Solar Network Backup

WiLine harnesses the sun as a primary power source for the backup batteries that will protect your business against brown or black outs. We eliminate outages from power failures and help green the planet in the process.

WiLine Guaranteed SLAs for Business Internet Service

100% Bandwidth
99.999% Availability
Under 10 miliseconds Latency and under 2 miliseconds Jitter
<10ms Latency
<2 ms Jitter
Under 0.001% Packet Loss
Packet Loss

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) in Action

Route Diversity

True internet route diversity is more than carrier or provider diversity, but also looks at the delivery mode and the connection point to your business. True route diversity means one connection minimum of two independent paths from your building to the internet. WiLine fixed wireless offers the perfect, affordable primary or secondary solution for route diversity to deliver effective network redundancy and ensure business continuity. WiLine’s path to your building is via a fixed wireless connection, which then converts to fiber that enters your building from the roof. Whereas a fixed wired path enters your building via an underground conduit.

Business Continuity

For many businesses, a reliable and secure internet connection as important for business continuity as having power to keep the lights on. Cloud-based applications and digital services are mission critical for many business operations and even a short internet outage can result in significant financial loss. The WiLine fixed wireless internet connectivity service is designed to support business continuity strategies.

Video Surveillance

Understanding bandwidth for video surveillance is critical to operating a successful camera security system. Video surveillance can consume a large portion of bandwidth allocation depending on the camera load and requires reliable connectivity to the server or cloud. WiLine works with you to understand your full bandwidth needs for video.

Temporary Connectivity

Planning and design are critical elements of establishing temporary connectivity for an event or short-term location. Event spaces can be very dynamic and unpredictable environments, often requiring fast, secure, and instantly scalable bandwidth connections. WiLine experts can help plan your temporary network requirements for optimal signal strength and device connectivity, monitor traffic during the event, provide Wi-Fi if required, and quickly increase bandwidth if needed.

What is Dedicated Internet Access for Business?

what is sd-wan

Dedicated internet access (DIA) is a separate, not shared, connection to the internet, so capacity and performance are optimized. With dedicated internet access, the amount of bandwidth is guaranteed by a service agreement, so an organization always has access to the data connectivity and capacity under contract. It is a connection that is also SLA guaranteed and symmetrical which means download and upload speeds will always be consistent, so the business won’t be frustrated by slow loading speeds — even during peak usage times.

Dedicated internet access is a superior connection to broadband Internet access or BIA. Although it is more expensive than BIA, a business will realize more value for the investment. Overall, dedicated internet access is far more reliable and secure than broadband internet. The productivity of a business won’t be throttled by Internet limitations with a DIA connection.

Want to know more? Read our blog that explains all about dedicated internet access.


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