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Protect your decentralized workforce. Anytime, anywhere.

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Protect your decentralized workforce. Anytime, anywhere.

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What is endpoint security and why does my business need it?

WiLine’s advanced endpoint security platform delivers best-in-class protection leveraging behavioural analysis and machine learning (AI) to efficiently detect and block both known and zero-day threats. Our cybersecurity engineers as well as the experts at CrowdStrike will continuously monitor your platform, notifying you immediately in case of an incident. Our specialized support will analyse each of these security events and, if necessary, take action to correct any vulnerability.

While endpoint security is one of the most important aspects of a strong information security strategy, WiLine understands the importance of network and perimeter security in delivering an intelligent and effective cybersecurity plan for your organization and that is why we offer an advanced multi-layer approach to information security in partnership with the market leaders in every area.

Free Active Directory Risk Assessment

50% of organizations experienced an Active Directory (AD) attack in the last two years. Together with our premium partner CrowdStrike, you can win against adversaries. The CrowdStrike Falcon Platform is the first and only unified security platform in the industry to seamlessly combine advanced endpoint security with real-time identity protection to comprehensively prevent breaches. Register for a complimentary Active Directory Risk Review to understand the exposure risk of your AD deployment against modern attacks that can bypass traditional endpoint-only solutions.

Ever Evolving Threat Landscape - The Case for CyberSecurity

Replace The Traditional Anti-Virus
Replace The Traditional Anti-Virus

Get an advanced cyber attack protection that replaces traditional anti-virus software and improves protection against malware, fileless attacks, zeroday exploits and ransomware. Our endpoint security solution uses machine learning (AI) and behaviour analysis deployed through a user-friendly interface.

Reduce the On-Premise Costs
Reduce the On-Premise Costs

Our endpoint protection solution uses a single sensor approach, optimized to add protection to each device utilizing a single cloud-based console. This reduces dramatically the costs of on-premise infrastructure as well as other associated costs such as software and specialized workforce.

Prevent Attacks
Prevent Attacks

Leverage the MITRE Attack framework, identify, investigate and recover from advanced cyber attacks. Evaluate over 130 attack strategies currently active worldwide. Identify the motivation, the targets and the sources of potential malicious characters.

Mobile Endpoint Security is Vital For Your Organization

Mobile devices are among the most useful tools for organizations. They allow workers to quickly respond to meetings, get critical work done in their off time and efficiently communicate with their clients, managers and peers. It’s not a stretch to say companies are depending more and more on mobile devices to enhance productivity - this is backed by the fact that mobile devices are now the majority of corporate endpoints. This, combined with the fact that many employees now work remotely or in a hybrid capacity using their own devices, has presented a set of serious security threats for many organizations. As the number of mobile devices has grown, so too have the endpoints that organizations must watch over to protect their sensitive data.

The Most Advanced Endpoint Protection Platform

WiLine has partnered with Gartner magic quadrant™ leaders in endpoint protection CrowdStrike to empower your business with the most advanced endpoint security platform in the world. Rest assured that you have best-in-class protection no matter where your workforce is doing business from.

The WiLine Advantages

  • Best-In-Class Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)
  • Machine Learning & Behaviour Analysis Identify New Threats
  • One-Click Easy Install
  • Protection Against Known Threats & Zero-Day Attacks
  • Compatibility Across Most Devices (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc)
  • Featureful and Easy to Use Console
  • Protection Is Operational In Seconds
  • Real-Time Detection
  • Adversaty Insights

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What is Endpoint Security?

what is Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is more than just basic protection for your computer or phone. It is a strong defense system for every device that connects to a business network. Traditional security tools, like anti-virus programs, only react to known threats. But today's endpoint security uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to spot new and emerging threats by watching for unusual behaviors. This is a big step forward from just scanning for known viruses.

For businesses, big and small, endpoint security is a must-have. Companies have many devices, from computers, mobile phones and tablets to IoT devices, connecting to their systems. These devices can be easy targets for hackers if not protected. Endpoint security makes sure that the devices you connect to your network are as secure as possible. This is especially important for mid-sized and enterprise organizations. These businesses have more at stake and more devices at risk. Plus, with AI, endpoint security can adapt and grow as threats change. This keeps data safe and builds trust with customers.

In short, advanced endpoint security is the best choice for today's businesses regardless of size or industry. It is like having a guard that never sleeps, always watching and learning to keep threats out.



Five Critical Capabilities for Modern Endpoint Security.

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