Temporary Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Premium service to support every short-term situation

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Premium service to support every short-term situation

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Flexible, Short-Term Internet Done Right

If you’re hosting an event, running a construction site, setting up a pop-up location, or managing any kind of temporary location, reliable internet connectivity is essential for effective business operations. WiLine offers premium DIA and optional Wi-Fi for short-term spaces, regardless of existing IT infrastructure. The WiLine temporary DIA solution can be deployed quickly for a fast, enterprise-grade network with security, redundancy, onsite support, Wi-Fi management services, and much more.

Predictability in Any Environment

Dedicated Internet

Choose the bandwidth package that is right for your temporary site and rest assured that you’ll never have to share access or suffer service fluctuations, regardless of location. We make sure you have the performance you need to hit your business objectives.

Symmetrical Internet

Enjoy equal upload and download speeds for the services you need with our reliable mesh topology. We never throttle service in either direction so you enjoy seamless connectivity at all times.

High-Speed Business Internet
High Speed

Keep your employees or clients productive with all the online tools and communication services they need. WiLine offers speeds starting at 100 Mbps and moving up to some of the industry’s fastest, most reliable internet circuits with plans at 10 Gbps.

Flexible Terms
Flexible Terms

Keep costs under control even as your internet connectivity needs expand. Our knowledgeable network engineering team works with you to assess your requirements and design a temporary solution according to your short term objectives and budget.

Instant Upgrades
Instant Upgrades

Temporary sites and short-term events can present unpredictable challenges and require you to scale up at a moment’s notice to keep up with demand. WiLine can quickly increase your internet bandwidth to help you respond to upswings and new trends without missing a beat.

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage

When designing a temporary internet access solution, our network engineers ensure that your employees and your customers enjoy full connectivity at all times and in all places. WiLine guarantees coverage in any environment so you have peace of mind that your location offers complete mobility at all times.

Proactive Monitoring
Proactive Monitoring

WiLine remains committed to the success of your event or project throughout its duration, so we make available a team of network engineering experts to proactively monitor the network connection. If there’s an issue, we got your covered to help ensure a flawless online experience for everyone present.

WiLine Guaranteed SLAs for Internet Service

100% Bandwidth
99.999% Availability
Under 10 miliseconds Latency and under 2 miliseconds Jitter
<10ms Latency
<2 ms Jitter
Under 0.001% Packet Loss
Packet Loss


Solution Brief
Solution Briefs

Reliable Business Internet Service for Construction Sites and Trailers

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