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Reliable and secure wireless internet for Point of Sale hardware

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Reliable and secure wireless internet for Point of Sale hardware

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Never Lose a Sale Due to Internet Downtime

For many businesses, the Point of Sale (POS) system is the heartbeat of your business operations. Whether you are a bustling restaurant, a boutique hotel, a vibrant retail store, a pop-up shop, or any other business relying on POS technology, downtime can be catastrophic, leading to lost sales, frustrated customers, and damaged brand reputation. WiLine understands the critical role of reliable internet in keeping your POS hardware always connected. Our commitment to you, is to ensure your business thrives with uninterrupted sales transactions, thanks to our highly redundant fixed wireless POS Internet Solutions.

The WiLine Advantage: Make the Right Choice for Your Business

Fastest Installation Lead Times
Fast Install

Get your Point-of-Sale solutions connected with our rapid-install service. No need to pull cables or dig trenches with WiLine, we get you online and working in the digital world in days not weeks.

Dedicated Internet

Tailor your connection to the needs of your business with a dedicated, symmetric internet service. We make sure you have the access you need for complete productivity.

Ultrafast Business Internet

Meet your performance needs with the right package and watch your online productivity soar. Speeds start at 50 Mbps and go all the way up to 10 Gbps plans—all delivered across a secure and reliable network.

Reliable Business Internet

Reliability is built into everything we do. We use carrier Ethernet and connect your business internet into our fully redundant private network for high availability—a key feature of our business continuity solution.

Secure Business Internet

We know you deal with sensitive customer information and need a secure communications solution for your POS. We proactively monitor and upgrade our private mesh network with the most advanced security technologies.

Scalable Business Internet

We help your business grow. As new business models and trends evolve, WiLine's connectivity services grow with you. We provide a complete and secure platform for all your connectivity needs.

POS Connectivity: What should you look for?

Unrivalled Reliability with Business FWA

Our fixed wireless internet access (FWA) stands at the forefront of wireless internet access technology, offering unparalleled reliability and symmetric speeds. WiLine is your trusted partner for uninterrupted, secure internet connectivity solutions specifically designed for POS systems. We deliver on your expectations of consistent, high-speed internet that keeps your POS systems running smoothly, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales. Our enhanced SLAs guarantee 99.999% (“five nines”) service availability.

Path Diversity Redundancy

Understanding the impact of internet downtime on your bottom line, WiLine has innovated a robust solution: Path Diversity Redundancy. This cutting-edge technology ensures that if one internet pathway faces disruption, another immediately takes over, maintaining your POS system's connectivity without a hiccup. It is not just about staying online; it is about securing your revenue stream and safeguarding your business reputation.

WiLine Edge Router with Built-in SD-WAN

At the heart of our POS Internet Solutions is the WiLine Edge Router, equipped with SD-WAN, advanced Cybersecurity and built-in Path Diversity Redundancy. This proprietary device is engineered to optimize your internet connection specifically for the WiLine network, ensuring fast, secure, and reliable POS transactions.

The WiLine Edge Router prioritizes multiple internet connections so that if one fails, your POS system stays online, ensuring seamless transactions and uninterrupted business operations. It also automatically routes data through the most efficient path, guaranteeing maximum efficiency for all your systems and a superior experience for your customers.

Join the WiLine Family

Choosing WiLine as your POS Internet Provider means investing in the success and resilience of your business. With our fully managed wireless internet connectivity solutions, you know that redundancy and security are cornerstones of our service. You can relax knowing your business connectivity is in the hands of a provider with over 20 years of experience dedicated to fixed wireless internet access exclusively for business. This peace of mind empowers you to focus on what you do best: delivering exceptional service to your customers. At WiLine, we will handle the rest.

Why Choose WiLine for Your POS Internet Provider?

what is sd-wan

Tailored Internet Service: We understand that every business faces unique challenges and needs. At WiLine we are committed to providing customized internet solutions that adapt to the specificities of your business, whether you are a small boutique, a franchise of many small stores or a large hotel chain with complex bandwidth and communication needs.

Expert Support: Our customer success and support teams are experts in solving complex issues. Our mission is to provide personalized support at any time of the day or night ensuring your uninterrupted operation. Our expert agents are always on hand to provide support and guidance, keeping your POS systems operating flawlessly.

Future-Proof Technology: The future is wireless, the disruption caused in cities and the environmental impact of traditional wired providers will eventually have to cease. WiLine's commitment to innovation in fixed wireless access (FWA) technology means your business will remain competitive. The nature of our wireless internet technology adapts and evolves as your business grows.

Top 5 Benefits of Redundant POS Internet Connectivity

  • Increased Revenue
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Peace of Mind


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