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Reliable fixed-wireless internet up to 10 Gbps

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Reliable fixed-wireless internet up to 10 Gbps

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High-Speed Business Internet in Houston

WiLine's fiber based network uses 21st century fixed wireless technology for last mile delivery directly to your building, this insures the quickest time to install, the fastest available speeds and lowest possible latency.

Our network is engineered to deliver 100% thoroughput and guarantee 99.999% uptime, all backed by leading SLA.

Fixed-Wireless or Fiber, Which to Choose?

  • Speed

    Most businesses in the bay area have connection speeds in the 20 Mbps to 500 Mbps range. Microwave Fixed-Wireless can easily reach and surpass those speeds with very similar reliability to Fiber. In fact WiLine offers up to 10 Gbps connections in selected areas. A Fixed-Wireless Internet solution will deliver lower latency when compared to Fiber which in turn will give you a better internet experience and higher quality VoIP communications.
    Another way WiLine is faster is through our installation times, which are usually much shorter than our competitors, usually measured in days not weeks.

  • Reliability

    Are mission critical parts of your business internet dependent?

    If you have answered yes, then reliability should be at the core of your next internet provider decision. One of the downfalls of Fiber Optic Networks is that these run underground and are vulnerable to road works and weather deterioration. Maintenance of these lines is often costly and complicated and restoring service in the event of such occurrence can take a long time, time you cannot afford. On our WiNet Business Plans we offer a 99.99% Network Service Availability Service Level Agreement, but we go even further, our team of network engineers pro-actively monitor our network 24/7 to ensure any issues we encounter are addressed before they even impact your business.

  • Cost

    If you are not in an area served by Fiber, the costs involved in bringing Fiber to your location can amount to many thousands of dollars. If you choose a Microwave Fixed-Wireless solution, all you need is line of sight to one of our network nodes and the installation costs are much, much lower. Even if your area is already served by Fiber, the cost is still higher than our solution.

    WiLine is normally able to lower your current price by 10% while delivering 25% more bandwidth. Get a quote today.

  • Scalability

    With a phone call we can increase or decrease your bandwidth to adapt to your business needs. For example, you are hosting a large event with many delegates and have increased requirements for bandwidth, we can temporarily or permanently increase your bandwidth to ensure everyone is connected smoothly. This can normally be done within a few minutes where bandwidth is available at the location. This flexibility in bandwidth adjustments isn't often easy to achieve with other internet providers.

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Our goal is to find out what are the challenges in your business and how we can assist you in overcoming these. The end goal is that you come out of this talk with a product that is right for your business.

Network Coverage Houston, TX

Our presence in Houston, TX center, was launched in 2018 and our network coverage has steadily grown since then.

In Houston, WiLine deploys its high-speed business internet service using a fiber backbone with last-mile Fixed-Wireless technology in a mesh network topology which offers superb redundancy and reliability.

Our Business Internet offers speeds from 100 Mbps all the way to 10 Gbps with latencies of under 10 miliseconds and network service availability guaranteed to be a industry leading 99.999%. All this backed by our SLA.

We can deliver virtually any bandwidth you require and our installation times are usually measured in days not weeks. We constantly expand and upgrade our network structure. Check if your business is covered now.

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