Business Internet and Phone Network Background
Business Internet and Phone Network Background

High Speed Network

Our network offers speed and reliability when it matters.

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WiLine's Redundant Network

High Speed Internet and Phone Fiber Ring

Metro Fiber Ring

Long Haul Fiber Ring

WiLine Network Coverage

San Francisco Network Coverage Areas

San Francisco

Los Angeles Network Coverage Areas

Los Angeles

Sacramento Network Coverage Areas


San Diego Network Coverage Areas

San Diego

Houston, TX Network Coverage Areas

Houston, TX

Covered Areas


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Our Fiber Grade Network

WiLine connects our internet and digital voice customers through a state of the art network of Data Centers throughout all major metro areas in California and Houston, TX. Our Business Internet Service is fully redundant with a presence in 22 premier data centers, connected by wiline's private 10 Gbps long haul and metro fiber backbone rings.

Wiline's long haul fiber network connects all major metro areas in California to our statewide high speed network.

Internet & Voice Service Availability

San Francisco
Silicon valley
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego
Houston, TX (Q1 2017)

connecting you to our network

WiLine uses mesh-deployed last mile connections to deliver our internet and phone services to your building. Your business is then connected to at least two diverse nodes in our network, which provides redundant ring protection with auto fail-over should a network-impacting event ever occur. Your building is connected to our high speed layer 3, redundant mesh network, providing you the highest quality and most reliable solution for both voice and data communications.

Networks deployed using buried cable, whether copper, coax, or fiber, cannot implement the same redundant topology as WiLine. These traditional service providers are restricted to lateral segments because they must follow the street or rail right-of-ways. This typically involves lengthy permit processing, construction, and trenching to bring their cable to your building, often creating much longer installation lead times and increasing your costs. WiLine connects your building to multiple points in our network, providing true path redundancy, lower cost, and installation lead times as low as one to five days.

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