Symmetrical Internet

What is Symmetrical Internet

What is Symmetrical Business Internet

Here at WiLine Networks, we like to brag about our symmetrical internet plans and how delivering the same upload and download speeds can help a business in many areas. However, many small and medium businesses (SME’s) decision makers are busy with the day-to-day running of the business and may have not given much consideration to what a symmetrical internet connection can mean to their business and why it can make a lot of difference.

It is important to start by differentiating symmetrical from asymmetrical bandwidth. Asymmetrical relates to how Internet was (and still is) distributed by legacy providers. This simply means that your download speed is different to your upload speed and your bandwidth is shared between both upload and download speeds. For example on a 100/10 plan, you will be able to download at 100 Mbps and upload at 10 Mbps. These plans are usually oversubscribed and those limits represent the highest speeds achievable and not necessarily what you will get. For example, during peak times, speeds are likely to be much slower because your connection bandwidth is shared with other businesses. Also, the upload bandwidth in some cases is shared with the download which means that if some people in the office are downloading some large files, you may experience very slow upload speeds even if nobody else is uploading at that time. Examples of asymmetrical connections include traditional coper-wire solutions or cable for instance and are more suitable to residential usage and small offices.

A symmetrical connection on the other hand offers the same download and upload speeds, so if you subscribe to 100 Mbps symmetrical, this means that you can upload and download at 100Mbps simultaneously. Also most symmetrical connections are dedicated connections and guaranteed by SLA’s (Service Level Agreements - Check Ours Here) which means you won’t be sharing your bandwidth and you get exactly what you have subscribed to even during peak times. These connections are usually more suitable to a business environment. Businesses rely on cloud applications and the needs for fast data transfers are increasing daily.

While there is a place for both technologies in the business world, they are suitable for different types of businesses. An asymmetrical product is more suitable to a small business with non-critical internet needs that doesn’t upload much, while a symmetrical product is suitable to a larger office where multiple people connect to the internet at any given time and data is transferred simultaneously by several users.

WiLine as a dedicated Business Internet Provider, offers both Asymmetrical and Symmetrical plans to its customers. Our Asymmetrical plans start at 30/5 Mbps go all the way up to 130/20 Mbps. Our Symmetrical plans are tailored to the specific needs of your business and can go as high as 10 Gbps (Gibabits Per Second). For more information on our symmetrical products please fill our contact form.

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