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How Can Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS) Enhance Your Business Strategy

What is cybersecurity as a service?

The threat that malicious actors can pose to an organization is growing every day. Attacks on organizations are very frequent, and the cyber risks that companies face can have devastating consequences. There is a new ransomware victim every 11 seconds and a hacker breaks through a security check somewhere in the world every 39 seconds.

This can have dire consequences for your organization, and new levels of complex security are needed to keep your company’s valuable data safe and compliant with regulations. However, many companies don’t have the resources, bandwidth or institutional knowledge to keep their networks safe. This is where cybersecurity as a service (CSaaS) comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution that encompasses managed detection, vulnerability management and threat intelligence to safeguard sensitive information.

How investing in managed cybersecurity can help your business become more protected

No matter the industry that you work in or the size of your organization, it’s a fact of life that you will be targeted by cyber-criminals. With the ramping up of the complexity and frequency of attacks, the tools that your organization needs should also be ramping up in their robustness to counter these threats.

It’s vital to bear in mind that a major attack on your business is a when situation, not an if. In 2023, 67% of organizations reported being a target for ransomware, with 50% of companies falling victim to an attack in the previous 12 months and 2% not sure whether they had been struck.

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As stated above, many organizations don’t have the infrastructure or specialized human resources in place to prevent the catastrophic damage that these attacks can cause —this is where CSaaS makes the difference. Some of the benefits of using service for cybersecurity include:

  • It can be cheaper: Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand and getting a team together to stop threats can cost your organization large sums of money on salaries alone, not to mention the technologies that you need to buy. The margins of maintaining a large team of qualified professionals can be cut down by working with a service that provides you with the same levels of network security and risk reduction without having to pay salaries. Working with a CSaaS organization can help your company quickly and cost-effectively set up perimeter networks and effective endpoint security and adopt a multi-layered security approach.
  • The economy of scale is a glorious thing: This goes hand-in-hand with cybersecurity service providers being largely cheaper. These companies can afford to buy top-of-the-line cybersecurity solutions from market-leading vendors that your organization may not be able to afford on its own. Not only do you increase your cybersecurity capabilities, but you also get to do it for cheaper than if you purchased those defenses for your business.
  • You can be more flexible: With an in-house team, what you see is what you get — purchasing and training on new technologies to better match your business’s realities can take large amounts of time. With a cybersecurity service provider, you can quickly make adjustments on the go without having to worry about internal training.
  • Compliance and insurance: A strong cybersecurity as a service provider will be able to ensure that you’re staying compliant with all regulatory requirements in your industry. To add a cherry on top, you may be able to lower your insurance premiums regarding a cyber-attack or data breach if you can prove that you’re working with an experienced cybersecurity partner to protect your data.
  • Better service, better uptime: Many organizations can’t maintain a full 24/7 data center and cybersecurity monitoring center. Working with a cybersecurity service provider can provide those tools to your organization, making you better able to respond to a cybersecurity incident no matter when it may occur. A dedicated security operations center (SOC) ensures continuous monitoring and threat detection, enhancing your incident response services.

These benefits can greatly assist any organization in rapidly bolstering its security posture and minimizing risk without the need for costly security teams. Cybersecurity services bring the peace of mind that your organization is compliant with data laws and that your data is secure. This assurance can, and should, come from an outside source.

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Picking the right cybersecurity vendor for your organization

When looking for a security services vendor for your company, it’s important to do some ground research on what your needs are first. Performing a preliminary security assessment of your current needs, tolerances for risk, current ability to deal with cyber threats and ability to mesh with partners is very beneficial in ensuring that your cybersecurity service partnership works.

When looking for a company to assist you, it’s important to make sure that they have the capabilities to protect your organization in the manner that you need with SLAs that are agreeable to your company. Ideally, your security service provider should also be able to help your organization keep up with regulatory requirements, as well as be able to provide you with industry-leading software solutions for your needs.

Engaging a CSaaS provider not only enhances your cyber security services but also ensures a comprehensive approach towards vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and cybersecurity risk assessment, thereby safeguarding your organization against evolving security threats and cyber attacks.

Modern security solutions such as CrowdStrike are capable of both simplifying the process of attack remediation and granting a high level of protection against threats of all kinds. A recent CrowdStrike engagement involved a roll-out to a team of 350 people within two weeks and a 90% reduction in time spent fighting threats. These offerings are available through trusted partners such as WiLine — a CrowdStrike premium solution provider and systems integrator.

Reach out to schedule a free cybersecurity assessment from one of WiLine’s expert engineers to determine your risk profile — and begin building a suitable strategy.

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