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Business Internet in Portland
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Alta Planning + Design

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Portland, Oregon

60+ employees , Interns & Contractors

"Alta's mission is to make walking and bicycling an integral part of daily life. By offering planning, design, engineering, economics, and programming services, Alta provides an engaging approach to bicycle and pedestrian planning that draws on our national expertise to create local success. From intersection and street design to regional analysis of the benefits of walking and biking, Alta's great ideas reflect our client's goals, leading to the future of nonmotorized transportation."
-Robert Gibson, IT Manager of Alta Planning+ Design


During a transition to a VoIP phone system, and increased internet access needs, Alta Planning+ Design ordered a fiber connection from another provider in May 2017 that was scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2017. But, after the installation was delayed four times, and the installation date was moved once again to January 2018, Alta Planning+ Design decided to look for other options. Previously, their secondary ISP's contract ended, increasing monthly costs by 65%. If Alta Planning+ Design did not find another option, they would have been stuck with a 75/10Mbps connection as the single ISP for their office, and that would have kept them from moving to a VoIP system. Converting an office that has 60+ phones to a VoIP system is not a small task. IT had planned and partially executed the conversion three times previously, only to have their fiber connection called off at the last moment.


As Alta Planning+ Design was searching for new options, they compared cost, quality of service, reliability, and installation time. Along with a recommendation from an existing WiLine customer, they ultimately chose WiLine as the best option.


When Alta Planning+ Design contacted WiLine, we knew we could help. We wanted to help resolve the pain that their IT Department was feeling with the delayed fiber installation. They first contacted WiLine on December 7th, 2017, and 12-days later, on December 19th, 2017 their symmetrical 100Mbps link was fully installed along with an additional redundant, symmetrical 10Mbps circuit.


  1. Symmetrical 100Mbps w/ 10Mbps Redundant circuit installed in 12 days.
  2. Reduced Connectivity Costs.
  3. Allowed Alta Planning+ Design to proceed with their hosted VoIP solution.
"WiLine has been a classic case of under-promising and over-delivering. Communication between WiLine and Alta has been exceptional. Chris and Cameron made sure we knew exactly what was happening when. And unlike the competition, when a promise was made by WiLine, it was always kept, no excuses."

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