Business Internet Network Background
Business Internet Network Background

Internet for Events

Premium Wi-Fi to support your event staff & attendees


Comprehensive Coverage

WiLine’s Event Wi-Fi Experts will work with your event planners to gauge the requirements of your event based on the location, environment, number of guests and network activities. This critical planning and design ensures optimal signal strength and connectivity to all devices.

We guarantee coverage in any environment from an office, warehouse, corporate campus, outdoor venue, school, or storefront. Your team members, vendors and attendees will enjoy complete mobility without fear of losing connectivity wherever they go.

Event Bandwidth

WiLine brings the bandwidth. Combining our expertise in Wireless Technology and Local Internet Services Network, our team can quickly increase the bandwidth of your event’s Internet connectivity at a moment’s notice.

Let us be your primary or additional dedicated source of Internet when addressing your event needs. We want you to feel confident that you can give your attendees a fast and stable connection, supporting you with as much bandwidth as you need, anywhere from 10Mbps to a 10Gbps Internet connection.

Live Event Support

Event spaces are very dynamic and fluid environments, we understand that anything can happen during the event and probably will.

Our Wi-Fi Experts will monitor all devices to ensure they are functioning properly for the lifetime of the event, and if anything happens we will have someone on site to fix it. Entrust your event connectivity to WiLine and you can have the confidence that your Wi-Fi network will run flawlessly.

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