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WiLine's proprietary network uses 21st Century Fixed-Wireless Technology for Last Mile delivery directly to your business. We offer the lowest latencies and fastest speeds at the most affordable prices. Our installation lead times are usually measured in days not weeks. WiLine's proprietary network is free of incumbents, uses a mesh topology offering great reliability and resilience and is a great alternative both as a primary, as well as a backup internet connection.


Whether you're looking for a Primary Internet Provider or a Backup Connection to your existing connection, WiLine Business Internet Plans are a great alternative and offer reliability and resilience guaranteed by an industry leading SLA.

Our network is pro-actively monitored 24x7x365 by a team of experienced engineers to ensure your business is always connected. We have designed our network in a resilient mesh topology and offer a 99.99% Network Service Availability on our Industry leading SLA.

Industry Leading sla

Throughput: 100%
Network Service Availability: 99.99%
Packet Loss: <0.001%

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Show us your current Intenet bill and we will not only lower it, but give you 25% more bandwidth.
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