Property Manager's Business Internet Background
Property Manager's Business Internet Background

A Guide to Business Internet

For Property Managers

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Give your tenants a superior alternative for High-Speed Internet, enhancing their overall satisfaction with the property.
Keep pace with the latest technology and upgrade your property with an advanced multi-gigabit 'wireless fiber' solution from WiLine Networks.

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WiLine Networks provides businesses with fast, reliable, scalable Business Class Internet. This guide gives property managers and building owners a brief overview of the benefits, approvals, installation process and assurances.

Some of the benefits of WiLine Networks Internet for building owners and property managers are:

Tenant Choice: Tenants want more for their money. They need more bandwidth capacity and un-metered calling plans. They need a new choice that is better, faster, and cheaper. They need WiLine.

Property Appeal: Your ability to meet tenants’ demanding business needs is a critical selling point for your building. With WiLine in your building, we can offer a superior alternative to outdated, overpriced data and communication services.

Disaster Recovery Assurance: WiLine’s network is configured for fast disaster recovery. True diverse network redundancy and back up support is built into our network, so you can ensure your tenants’ needs will be covered.

Simplified Installation: WiLine’s non-intrusive installation utilizes your buildings existing infrastructure, minimizing the chance of any disruptions. We will also work with you to pre-activate tenant services to make the move-in a pleasant experience.


Provided below is a brief summary of the equipment that will be installed at the property.

Rooftop Unit: A compact radio receiver is placed on the building roof. We will place it in a location that will minimize the street view, but will ensure the strongest possible signal.

Cable: From the radio, we run a standard outdoor Cat 5 cable to the building Main Point of Entry (MPoE). Being in the MPOE establishes a central router that will service all tenants.

Installation Process

Line-of-Sight (LoS) Verification: One of our technicians will complete a site survey to ensure that we will have line-of-sight from your rooftop location to our nearest base station.

Drawing Approval: We will submit drawings to you for approval along with a certificate of insurance.

Radio Installation: The technician will install a small rooftop radio using a vertical surface mount on the parapet wall, a tripod, or a non-penetrating skid mount; depending on your building.

Drop Cable: WiLine runs the cable from the roof to the building MPoE through existing roof penetrations; as an example, existing conduit and ventilation ducts to enter the building. We do everything within our power to not create new entry points into the building. If we do need to penetrate the building at a new entry point, we will work with you for approval.

Running the Cable: WiLine will pull Cat 5 quality grade cable from the router to each tenants suite and hand-off to the customers Internet network equipment.

The Cleanup: After the installation is completed, our professional technicians will remove any tools, debris or material from the premise. All of the cable will be cable tied and all indoor and outdoor equipment will be mounted securely.

Ongoing Maintenance: If ongoing maintenance and repairs are necessary, we will work with you to coordinate roof access as needed. The installation takes between two to four hours, and we will need access to the roof and MPOE (telecom closet) during the installation process.

License & Insurance

Fully Insured: WiLine is fully insured with coverage that exceeds most property management and building owner requirements. We can present you with our certificate of insurance upon request.

Licensed: WiLine is a licensed contractor in the state of California. We will provide our contractor number upon request.

Building Assurances

Some of the assurances that WiLine services provide to building owners and property management teams are:

Roof Protection: All of our equipment is professionally installed by our certified technicians in order to protect the roof from surface or any other damage.

Low Visual Impact: We work to create a low visual impact on your buildings roof. We typically are able to install our equipment with no visual impact from the street view.

Building Code Compliant: WiLine Internet is fully compliant with the FCC regulations and building codes; including fire, UV, and plenum.